"Who Else Wants to Find Their Dream Job, Live Quality of Life, While Being Stress-Free?"

And Then Use It To Love Your Job, Love Your Life, and Make A Great Living...
Without Health, Emotional & Economic Burdens!

From: Swamiji — The Hip Guru's Guide®

Why is it important? Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, all report that entrepreneurs have the most stress of all careers. Why then do we do it? Those who feel the call know we don't have much of a choice — we must break free and create a product or service that makes us feel more alive than anything else on the planet. So we take the risk and accept the stress. But medical research is finding that stress is causing all sorts of serious problems including heart issues, early aging, rage, depression and anxiety to name just a few issues.


If you're like me and absolutely have to have your own business, then you either faced the biggest crisis of confidence and make THE life-altering decision to leave your cushy job and go solo...or you are at that point where you need to make that decision to but are frozen in fear.

For me, I had a great job on paper, working in the entertainment industry, for a network TV station in NYC. My family and friends thought it glamorous. My salary was more than I needed. I had plenty of social time after work too. And the work was so easy I could almost do it in my sleep. This is the type of job I was taught  to crave and savor once obtained. But there was something missing — a deep emptiness within me that there was much more to life — and I ached to discover it.

And so I came to my fork in the road. I could stay with the known — this job — that was slowly killing me with boredom, or I could take a step into the unknown — and at least have an opportunity for a more meaningful life. It came down to choosing between the lesser of the two evils. I made my decision. Then I found out there was an even tougher task than making that difficult decision.

In my case, the change of life meant selling my co-op apartment and leaving the country. That was fairly painless. But the night I had to give my two cats away almost caused me to change my mind.


It sounds odd that I would be so attached to my cats — I didn't even know how much I cared for them until it was time to give them away. Right out of the movies, it was a dark and rainy night. I packed up my cats and took a taxi for a 15 minute ride. I got out of the cab and the new owner came out of her apartment to meet me. It was then and there, I froze.

'Is this rainy, gloomy night a sign I should stay?', I thought. Then I said to myself, 'But if I don't leave now, I will never have this opportunity to live my life on my terms.'

And so I made the toughest decision of my life until that moment — following through with my plan to go solo. There was no one around back then who supported my decision. In fact everyone tried to talk me out of it. Everyone.


At this point I'd like to give you a happily ever after end to the story. But entrepreneurs know that is not the case. I'd like to say that was a one-time challenge, but the reality is at every stage of entrepreneurial growth we must challenge ourselves and take huge risks. Now, 25 years later entrepreneurism has become more common and there are even companies who offer business development guidance for new entrepreneurs.


But the reports that bosses and staff are not excited to follow the programs offered, and even if they are, they are working with tools that were introduced 40 years ago—tools that one has to use for decades to try and get rid of their issues. Certainly better that the previous tools, but a far cry from modern instant methods.



And Then It Hit Me!

No one is offering training tools for fun, effective instant transformation in the business world that I have discovered.

Since my clients have been experiencing instant transformations and having fun from using these tools in business (and in their personal life) it seemed a natural extension to fill the global demand for a training course to resolving stress deeply and quickly. People need instant stress-release even though they may not realize it is even possible to experience it.



The Hip Guru's Guide ®
Inventing Your
Dream Career Course


You get 5 1-hour webinar classes to take you from 'Block to Breakthrough'. From the first course you experience a release from what is holding you back you to the last course where you are navigating your action steps to success, you can watch them once weekly or whenever you wish. Here is what you will learn:

Module 1:
Intro: 'C-3' Technology
Experiencing Instant Transformation


First you get an overview of this one-of-a-kind tool and then you begin your discovery to use these tools.

  • C1: Clear out the blocks (physical, emotional, mental/visionary)
  • C2: Get a Clear sight of your visions (now that you are clear of blocks you can see clearly)
  • C3: Create a Clear Action Plan & take your first action steps
  • Experience Clearing out

"I have tripled my clientele since beginning this course.* My spouse also got a promotion in his career and our relationship has grown so much closer"

— Ron Johnson, SoloPreneur

Now that you've completed this module you will feel stress free and find the space to begin to review your vision, calling, or mission. This leads us into the second module.


Module 2:

'C-3' Tech Step 2

Finding Your Clear Vision

The most famous, successful entrepreneurs tell us we need a vision, we need to see the end game so we have a direction to aim for. When you have a vision (mission or calling) you have natural motivation, inspiration, and energy to accomplish anything. In this class you begin to get your clear

NIH/NCCAM research studies found energy healing such as Emotional Freedom Technique relieves veterans' PTSD and college test anxiety

— Pubmed.com

Inside Module 2, you'll discover how to...

  • Hearing your intuition that is guiding you to your dream job
  • Feeling your way into your vision
  • Seeing an image of what your vision would look like
  • Instant Stress Management Tools if vision becomes blocked during the process.

Now that you've discovered your vision, you can start to develop an action plan; this is what we do in the next module.

Module 3:

'C-3' Tech Step 3

Creating a Clear Action Plan

Dreaming big is essential for an entrepreneur. And with one's head in the clouds, we need our feet firmly grounded to grow the steps to reach the big dream.

  • Integrating vision and intuition with practical action steps
  • Prioritizing your vision to-do steps
  • Integrating your new tools' discoveries with time management
  • Using Instant Stress Management Tools if blocked along the way.

"I have doubled my income since beginning the program. "

— 💐💛🌞 Michelle G., Ayurvedic Practitioner

Now that you've designed your strategic action plan are ready to take successful action steps.

Module 4:

Clear Action Steps

You've done great clearing out, getting a clear vision, and creating a clear strategy to succeed in inventing/reinventing yourself. But in the end, if we don't act, nothing will happen. There is a saying, 'get it out there before you get it perfect.' In this module we focus on how you get it out there — how you take your successful action steps. There are many many tools that are available in this step; depending on what you need at any given time, they will be covered. The core focus includes:

  • Moving past fears, doubts, and other emotions as you take action
  • Falling Forward —
  • Finding Your Mastermind (Support) Group
  • Using Instant Stress Management Tools if blocked along the way.

vision with action is a daydream

action without vision is a nightmare


Now that you've completed this module, you will be seeing your plans put into action — the outcomes of which will help you decide if you are going in the right direction or if you need to tweak your plans. This is also the time to see how well you can implement your new instant stress-management tools so you can get right back on your action track. This is the focus of the final course.



Module 5:

Assessing & Tweaking
Your New Career

If we're not making mistakes we're not trying. In Module 4 you put your plans into action. Now is the time to see what works and what needs to be re-imagined. Even the rockets sent to the Moon and Mars need tweaking along the way. Minor reinventing is crucial to the success of your new career.

  • Reviewing Results
  • Keep - Throw - Reinvent Game
  • Becoming Friends with 'Mistakes'
  • Using Instant Stress Management Tools to keep you moving forward and growing from mistakes.

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." 

— Albert Einstein

At the end of these 5 classes you have applied the instant transformation tools to every aspect of inventing/reinventing your business. You've seen yourself melt away apparent blocks and achieve movement in the direction of your dreams. Now you can review these 5 steps anytime whenever you run into trouble at any stage of entrepreneur development.

Instant Bonus 1:
Quickstart Guides

Its always useful to have a 'cheat sheet' to get the bird's-eye view of the information. Because each class is 1 hour long there is lots of information. The quickstart guides give you key takeaway facts to remember. The quickstart guide makes it easier for you — more stress-free.

That's why I've created the Quickstart Guide bonus training, the fastest and easiest way to remember the key points.

  • Start clearing stress instantly
  • Start getting your vision instantly
  • Creating your action steps for success instantly

Instant Bonus 2:
Group Q&A Call

After the 5 courses, Im offering a group call to tie it all together for you plus hear your successes and questions as you put these tools into action.

Instant Bonus 3:
Forever Course

What if you could increase your business even while you relaxed on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or your favorite snack? You can!

That's because you will have lifetime access to your course online at The Hip Guru's Guide ® Adademy. You can log in and listen anytime or download the training...forever.


Instant Bonus 4:
Forever FB
Mastermind Group

One thing we know is we succeed and have more fun in community. We have found in all our courses, students learn better and have enjoy the training more when they share with one another. So we have created a private Facebook Stress-Free Mastermind — and you are a member of the group forever!


If you're ready to (stop doing this thing that isn't working)...

If you're ready to (get this big result in this short amount of time)...

And if you're ready to (avoid this other huge problem), then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need (a tool you don't need)...
You won't need (an action you don't need to take)...
You won't even need to (do this other thing).

When you join The Hip Guru's Guide's StressFree Entrepreneur Reinvention ® right now...

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
Training Course...

Online Training: 4 Modules
Module 1: Experience Instant Transformation Breakthroughs

  • Overview
  • Clear out the blocks (physical, emotional, mental/visionary)
  • Instant Stress Management Tools if vision becomes blocked during the process
Module 2: Finding Your Clear Career Vision

  • Hearing your intuition guiding you to your career
  • Feeling your way into your vision
  • Seeing an image of what your dream career
  • Instant Stress Management Tools if vision becomes blocked during the process
Module 3: Creating a Clear Action Plan

  • Integrate vision & intuition with practical action steps
  • Prioritizing your vision to-do steps
  • Integrate 'tools' with time management
  • Using Instant Stress Management Tools if blocked along the way
Module 4: Taking Clear Action Steps

  • Move past fears, doubts, and other emotions as you take action
  • Falling Forward
  • Finding Your Mastermind (Support) Group
  • Using Instant Stress Management Tools if blocked along the way
Module 5: Accessing & Tweaking Your New Career

  • Reviewing Results
  • Keep - Throw - Reinvent Game
  • Becoming Friends with 'Mistakes'
  • Using Instant Stress Management Tools to keep you moving forward and growing from mistakes
Time Limited Bonuses
Bonus 1: Your first bonus: Quickstart Guide $50.00
Bonus 2: Second bonus: 1 hr. Group Q&A call after the 5 classes $99.00
Bonus 3: Forever Course $39.00
Included Today
Forever Learning: Lifetime Access to audio/webinar videos $600.00
Forever Mastermind: Lifetime Access to Facebook Medical Intuitive MasterMind Group $199.00
Transcripts: Download audio & PDF QuickStart Guide $35.00

Total Real World Value Today:

Your Price Today:
Just $297

And It Comes with This 2-Week
"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If you are happy with the first class for any reason, I demand you fire me from your business and you get your refund.

But I'm confident you'll stay in, you'll implement our systems, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

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