Medical Intuitive Training Program

Medical Intuitive Training Program

Course-in-a-Box for Medical & Other Wellness
Universities, Colleges & Schools

For Doctors, Nurses & other Wellness Practitioners

(Ayurvedists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Yoga teachers, etc.)

Level 1 Course 1

What Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing
and Why Physical-System Healing
 Is Incomplete Without It

The Missing Secrets to Patient/Client Care

Bring sanity back to patient visits!

Discover 3 keys to delivering quality care and avoiding burnout!


 Medical Professionals

    •    Do you feel you've lost the ability to connect with your patients?
    •    Do you feel you don't have enough safe, effective solutions to offer your patients?
    •    Do you find there is not enough time to adequately spend with your patients?
    •    Does your 'catch-up' work eat into your free time for yourself & your family?


I have trained & certified many doctors & medical professionals. I have heard all their key concerns. 
As a result I created this program that offers solutions so you can create the
career lifestyle you envisioned when you first wanted to be of service.

I listened to a number of ways they tried to solve the issue themselves

They worked late — but they missed their families
—They worked on weekends — but they missed their exercise time, getting in nature, & hobbies
—They cut back on classes and seeing friends — but that just made them depressed
—Sometimes they have no answers for their patients; sometimes there are side effects along with help


And Then It Hit Me!

Intuitive Energy Wellness can be integrated into traditional Healthcare so
Providers be more effective with their clients as well as their own lives.

And after many interviews and trial runs with wellness professionals I created a powerful solution.



Swamiji's Medical Intuitive Training Program

This integrative wellness training program bridges the gap between science & spirit.
 It offers a practical use of Quantum Physics discover that we are not matter but in fact energy. Newtonian Physics stated we are robots with parts that break. Fix the part and the human is better. 
That didn't work; side effects, spiraling costs, and disconnection with clients has become the result.
 The Newton healthcare model became an Illness Model.

In the 1930's it was discovered that the finest particles of matter are actually wavelengths of light energy.
 Yet, this esoteric discover was never really applied in daily human life, and particularly in western medicine.

The value of this course is that it teaches key, core energy techniques (that are now being validated by research studies)
that wellness professionals can use to help their clients and themselves and bring about safe, profound results, even finding solutions to mind-body issues that there are no quick solutions to in the older 'illness' model.
 It is in the 'energy field' that we discover our intuition and where we affect quick and profound wellness transformations.

This course offers you easy, effective & quick ways to
    •    see how to keep yourself clear and grounded while working with abstract energy feelings
    •    discover and develop your intuition with yourself, family, and patients
    •    clear your mind and energy to get clear intuitive insights
    •    discover intuitive energy is free from side effects — basically you are untangling energy & sending love
    •    understand and more quickly and effectively relate to the 4 energetic personality types of your clients

In the process you will find
    •    your own unique intuitive style
    •    more time to spend with your clients
    •    you are helping your clients more quickly and effectively
    •    you have more time and energy for yourself, family, and friends
    •    you are finally practicing healthcare they way your heart had envisioned when you first began
    •    you have your life back


Intuitive Education

And you get even more than this. Just as holistic intuitive energy healing is an advancement from robotic-parts-based healing,
 Intuitive Energy-Based education is a quantum leap in experiencing a new form of education.

Where robotic-like education forced mechanical, rote learning and behaviors, being taught to cut off your emotions,
 Intuitive education reconnects you with yourself. In addition to learning how to help your clients,
you will actually be learning how to use your intuitive tools to help yourself and grow your own life as well.

We reconnect personal and professional because you are one person—splitting yourself in two is in itself stressful.

Finally rather than forcing you to follow 'my' method or anyone else's methods of healing, they are used as a starting point.
 Then we foster your own self-discovery of your own unique intuitive gifts and how to best unfold them.

There is no other program I know of that offers all these unique opportunities —
personal & professional all rolled into one cutting-edge system.



Bonus 2:

Scientifically Validating Your Intuitive Gifts

I know intuition, energy, and feelings are a bit scary and difficult to define at first, and more so when we try to
measure and research it. Well there is a new cutting-edge scan technology that has created a way to
measure the intuitive energy systems with cutting-edge western medical Heart-rate variability (HRV).

Now when we look at scans of one's stress levels, energy, chakras, meridians, and aura, they are tied to HRV.
 This means any doctor, researcher and scientist can begin to understand the terminology and changes in
energy wellness from looking at HRV.

This ground-breaking invention is helping revolutionize the healing & research world!

You wont find this science-spirit intuitive training program anywhere else.

The Course Structure
•    You get 5 modules, one a week, that you watch/listen to at your convenience
•    You learn the basic core intuitive tools
•    You apply these tools with yourself, clients & family
•    You experience these energy healings in class so you de-stress and grow in every class
as well as when you apply them at work/home. With successful graduation you will have a transformed life & career


Course 1: Jumping Into the Intuition Ocean

1. Grounding & Protection. Share Your Issue for Intuition Resolution
2. Clearing Out * Getting Clear Vision * Taking Clear Actions
3. Discovering & Developing Your unique Gifts
4. Deepening: Intuition Becomes 2nd Nature
5. Practicum & Tweaking — Classes 1-4: Get a Client & Help Them Out

Course 2 Foundations & Structure—Creating Your Longevity & Joyful Career:

1. Heart Clearing: Ethics, Integrity, Non-Judgement
2. Practicing Abundance Consciousness
3. Living at Nature’s Pace & Natural Habits
4. Law of Alignment
5. See the Best/highest


Course 3 Physical Intuitive Energy Healing Guide
1. see organs (clairvoyance)
2. hear words (clairaudience)
3. feel physical locations (clairsentience)
4. Tools to Transform Physical Health: Tapping, Instant Permanent Blessings
5. Health Foundations (Ayurveda food & lifestyle plan)

Course 4 
NLP: Reality Distortion Field — Reinventing Our Beliefs

1. Intro to NeuroLinguistic Programming
2. NLP Deepening (Intro: Shamanic Journeying)
3. NLP Exercises: Brain-Belief-Busting
4. NLP Mind Meld: Reframing Reality
5. NLP: Putting it All Together

Course 5 
Financial Intuition: Setting Up Your New Practice
1. Overview: Levels of Wealth
2. Bible Wealth Wisdom
3. Packaging Your Intuitive Career
4. Activating Heart-Based Finances
5. Tying it Together


Module 1:
Discover the Intuitive Ocean

We start with the basics
    •    Grounding/Protecting Yourself: Keeping one foot in both worlds. When we get into feelings and intuition it can be easy
for our boundaries to blur. Simple techniques help keep you intuitive and rational at the same time.
    •    From here you jump in and experience intuitive sessions from the first class
Student Testimonial

"I have tripled my clientele since beginning this course.*
My spouse also got a promotion in his career and our relationship has grown so much closer" 

— Ron Johnson, Intuitive Energy Healer

When you've experienced your intuition in action & completed this module, you are ready to integrate it with others.


Module 2
Clearing — Vision — Connection

Now you discover a universal template that allows for easily connecting to your intuition. Even though intuition is the opposite of reason,
there is a very real structure that is needed for easily tapping your intuition.


Case Study: Distance Healing

A client who lived in another state emailed me about her hepatitis B condition. I had my students send her mother 'heart blessings' for about 2-3 minutes. The next week my client told me her doctor astonishingly told her she was somehow suddenly free of the virus. [I am not promising this can happen every time, but it happens in many cases]

Inside Module 2, you'll discover...
    •    How to clear your energy stresses, untangle the energy lines, and have the energies flow again
    •    With clear energies, you can easily feel and see your intuition with easy-to-use tools
    •    The different personality types & language for each client so they understand you immediately, saving much time

Completing this module gives you more tools and successful experience helping others.
Your confidence is high and your doubts are minimal
Next you shift from 'my way' to 'your way'


Module 3

Noticing Your Personal Intuitive Gifts

Those who make the biggest contribution to the world are those who are most able to be their unique selves.
    •    Discover your unique way of tapping your intuition and helping yourself and others.
    •    Addressing your life issues and applying intuitive blessings for successful resolution


Testimonial: Connecting with Purpose

"...helped both my daughter and myself find our Life's purpose,
and he guided us in the way that is our soul-path."

                                                       — Thelma Ramlagan

Seeing how well you can intuitively transform your life, we turn your deeper intuitive development to your clients.


Module 4

Using Intuition with Clients

Now you have a taste of how to use your intuition and the tools we cover.
And you have directly experienced transforming your life.
The next step is to share this with your family, friends and clients.
    •    You will apply your intuitive gifts to your work routine where you have found blocks
    •    Notice how easily how you relate to situations change
    •    Discover how you can help unblock and transform your clients — even from a distance.

NIH/NCCAM research studies found energy healing such as Emotional Freedom Technique relieves veterans' PTSD and college test anxiety


When you've completed this module you are ready to put your training into practice.


Module 5

Hands-On Training

.Over the past 4 modules you have discovered energy tools and blueprints to tap into your intuition and help yourself 
and your family and clients.

To best wrap up an experiential course is to do some hands-on sessions that challenge your intuition to choose
which tools to use and how you creating healing or transforming energies for clients. You will
    •    Choose the most effective healing tools for the situation with your client
    •    Assess how well they responded to the session(s)
    •    Work with clients in person and from a distance

One major reason I felt drawn to this course was the mention of being able to speed up my patient consults. Boy is that happening!  I can actually tune into people's energy before they arrive... Once they are here I can place my hands over the different body parts and see/feel exactly what is happening there!

Also I have doubled my income since beginning the program. "


— 💐💛🌞 Michelle G., Ayurvedic Practitioner

Completing the final module means you have directly experienced your intuition and successfully helped yourself, family and clients
Further, you have demonstrated to the teacher and yourself through hands-on training that you intuitively can call up the appropriate tool
to help a situation. You have graduated and receive a digital Certificate of Completion suitable for printing out and hanging on your wall.

Now I also want to give you some free bonuses


Instant Bonus 1
Quickstart Guide E-Booklet

Whether you're a seasoned intuitive veteran or complete newbie, you need to know the ins and outs of the intuitive success blueprint so
you can have instant, repeatable results every time. I want to make sure that you personally help yourself and anyone else each and every
time and that you instantly tap into your intuition for your most effective transformations -- you're in and out -- and on with your life schedule.

That's why I've created this Medical Intuition Quickstart bonus guide, the fastest and easiest way to structure a successful core intuitive practice.
    •    Covers the essential points to remember and apply each and every session
    •    Gets you involved, having to add key words to the e-booklet
    •    Add to a special 3-ring binder for any and all your intuitive training courses you take with me in the future



Instant Bonus 2
Instant Intuitive Spark Template

For those who learn better from visual graphics rather than text, I've created a 1-page overview of all the steps and tools we cover so with
just a glance you know where you are, what you can choose to use, and complete your sessions smoothly.

That's why I've created this Instant Medical Intuitive Spark Template bonus guide, the fastest and easiest way to spark your intuition and your
decision which intuitive tool to use at any given moment.
    •    Covers every key tool covered in the modules
    •    Allows you to remain in your intuitive 'zone' while just glancing at the options available to you.
    •    Add to a special 3-ring binder for any and all your intuitive training courses you take with me in the future


Instant Bonus 3
Lifetime Access to All Classes

Whether you missed a class or want to review your modules, you will always have access to log in and view your training.


Instant Bonus 4
Lifetime Access to Additional Classes

From time to time there may be other webinar sessions from other classes that will give you other scenarios that you may encounter
in the future. These additional webinars help expand your experiences and start you on your road to continuing education.


Instant Bonus 5
Lifetime Access to Our FaceBook MasterMind Group

One of the best ways to continue learning is to brainstorm and share experiences, ideas and questions with fellow colleagues. For this reason
I have created a Facebook Mastermind group that fosters.
    •    Sharing your insights and experiences with other graduates
    •    Deepen your own practice listening to others' results
    •    Possibly develop joint ventures with other group members


Instant Bonus 6
Sample Live Intuitive Club Q&A Call

I know I only promised you 5 modules, but I always like to deliver more than I promise. To that end I am also offering you a bonus
group call to answer your questions after you have graduated and had a week of 'flying solo'. This is a free session of our monthly Intuitive Club. Here we can address
    •    Any last questions about the course material
    •    Any new situations we may have not covered
    •    Share success stories

Instant Bonus 7
Swamiji Gives Personal & Group Energy
Heart Blessing Sessions in Each Class

Wow, in addition to the training, you get extra blessing sessions for your personal development as an additional part of the program.


Instant Bonus 8
Each class experience the latest 5th Dimension/DNA Activation & Enlightenment Downloads Swamiji receives daily

These days with the quantum enlightenment downloads happening daily, even the best training courses have one drawback — they are outdated if they don't include daily updates. And the older more well-known training that was amazing years and decades ago...if they are not teaching up-to-the-minute upgrades, you are missing out on what we and the world! This is the only training program that never falls behind the times because it the first of its kind enlightenment educational system for the new age—where training is evolving as fast as creation is evolving. Now that's instant training! As a result your personal and professional tools will be programing and activating you with what you need that day.


"Since taking this course I am feeling so comfortable with me and worry free. I find that no matter what life is throwing at me I am not worrying where I used to worry in excess. This is wonderful and allows me to enjoy life more then I ever have"

— Kristen Jarmer, CAWC


A recording of this member's only call even if you can't make it.



You Also Receive
Certificate of Graduation

You will get an email with your digital certificate that you can download, print, frame and display on your wall.

Possible Other Surprise Bonuses

Like I say, I enjoy giving more than I promise, and I like to surprise people also. I'm not promising anything, but there may be some
additional bonuses popping during the course.

  • If you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, rushed, anxious, or disillusioned...

  • If you're ready to transform your life and your practice right from the first class...

  • And if you're ready to stop being negatively affected by 'the system' then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need to spend weeks of time reading piles of intuitive books...
You won't need to spend hours and days memorizing material...
You won't even need to burden your already oppressed brain and emotions.


Two Training Options

A) Enroll in the entire training program
(Level 1: 5 courses)

B) Enroll in each of the 5 courses one at a time

When you join The Hip Guru's Guide ® Medical Intuition Training Course 1 right now...

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
The Hip Guru's Guide ®
Medical Intuitive Training Program

Level 1 — Course 1...

Online Training: 5 Modules
Module 1: The Basics: Core Intuition Foundations
    •    Grounding/Protecting Yourself: Keeping one foot in both worlds
    •    Jump in and experience intuitive sessions from the first class
    •    Discover & use your intuition right away
Module 2: 3 Secrets to Instant Intuition Success: Clear — Vision — Connection
    •    Clear your energy stresses, untangle the energy lines for energy flow
    •    Easily use your intuition &  intuition developing tools
    •    How to connect with any client personality type
Module 3: Discovering Your Unique Intuitive Gifts
    •    Seeing the tools to help yourself & others.
    •    Helping yourself with your gifts
Module 4: Client Intuition Training
    •    Testing your gifts with clients
    •    See blocks dissolve
    •    Transform clients in advance, from a distance, before they arrive for their session
Module 5: Hands-On Training
    •    Pick the best intuitive tools for each client
    •    Assess how well they responded to the session(s)
    •    Work with clients in person and from a distance
Addional Bonuses
Bonus 1: Quickstart E-Booklet $10.00
Bonus 2: Instant Intuitive Spark Template $10.00
Bonus 3: Lifetime Access to audio/webinar videos $200.00
Bonus 4: Lifetime Access to additional audio/webinar videos $200.00
Bonus 5: Lifetime Access to Facebook Medical Intuitive MasterMind Group $200.00
Bonus 6: Additional Live Q&A Intuitive Mastermind Session — Sample $200.00
Bonus 7: Swamiji gives personal & group energy Heart Blessing Sessions in each class $250.00
Bonus 8: Each class experience the latest 5th Dimension/DNA Activation & Enlightenment Downloads Swamiji receives daily $500.00

Total Real World Value Today:

Your Price Today:
Just $275

And It Comes with This
"No Questions Asked" Priority Guarantee!

If you dont find results during the very first module, I demand you fire me from your business and you get your refund.

But I'm confident you'll stay in, you'll implement our one-of-a-kind Medical Intuitive system, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

Priority The Hip Guru's Guide ®
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  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever for the first 14 days

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* Doubling or Tripling income is not typical; results will vary among students.

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