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Presentation to College Students at APCA national college convention 2014 & Student Testimonials


Swamiji — Stress Management Interview with Emmy award winning TV producer Danette Kubanda

Radio Interviews

"As the 45th guest on The Launching Point, Swamiji's participation stood out among the rest. From the pre- to post-interview, he made my process effortless as he was open, engaging, and inspiring and delivered an interview that was on-point and well prepared." — Mike O'Toole

"Swamiji was a terrific guest on my show. I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of our conversation and the wisdom that he shared. I know my listeners got a lot out of our talk and I’m already looking forward to having him back on for more enlightening topics. Swamiji is up to some super important work here on our planet and I’m happy to be able to share it with the world. — Michael Neeley, host, Consciously Speaking 

This is a second show — Michael invited Swamiji to guest co-host

Live with Dave & Pat

Swamiji was one of my most fascinating guests and gave my listeners a ton of value. He’s a top rate guest I’d definitely book again! — Angela Wilkinson. Host, The Awakened Goddess Show #1 Rated Show in Spirituality on iTunes
“I was delighted to have Swamiji as a guest on my radio show ‘Help! My Mid-life Sucks!’ He provided so many practical and needed insights for listeners over 50 who are unhappy with their current circumstances and know there is much more to who they are and why they are here. Swamiji is a warm, articulate, compassionate, experienced and wise helper for all. Our conversation was one of my favorite interviews and I look forward to having him back on the show.” — Lori Dean. Host, ‘Help! My Mid-life Sucks!’

Healthy Inside & Out Radio Show

“I just had Swamiji as a guest on my podcast to small business owners and I have to say, he brought it!! A ton of value to small business owners and people in general- Thanks again Swamiji!”

Mike Campion
Phoenix AZ

Freaking Genius Entrepreneur’s Radio Show

"Swami Tirtha gave a terrific interview. He shared his insights and some great ways to have fun in the kitchen. Light-hearted and upbeat!"

Chef Tom Castrigno – Menu for Great Health

Bringing Inspiration to Earth Radio Show

Mari Frank – Conflict Resolution Show

Rev. James Ellis Interview Show


"We are extremely pleased with Swamiji as our Ayurveda business consultant.

Our meetings and discussions always go smoothly as his goal is to serve our clients; he is extremely flexible and doesn't demand we follow his first suggestions. Our strategy sessions become inspired because he helps us see our vision, and prioritize our next steps to reach our goals. His live and webinar presentations continue to impress our audience, and he always offers succinct insights that are clear, on target and significant time savers.

As professionals in the cutting edge technological industry applied to holistic science, we see the depth of his understanding and technological aptitude. And he adeptly combines this with his high expertise as a classical Ayurveda specialist. He learns very quickly and is always willing to help other practitioners learn. He is a teacher in every sense of the word.

It is a true pleasure to work with him. This would be enough, but Swamiji always delivers more than he promises. He shares personal tips to make our lives easier and calmer. A complete and pleasant surprise, he created a series of professional videos with us that helped us get our message online and in YouTube.

This was clearly a very excellent decision. We are honored to have him as our Ayurvedic consultant."


"We invited Swamiji to present a webinar to our international clients. We were very impressed with his clarity and compelling presentation and our customers were very happy as well. His voice was pleasing and the content engaging. We will be inviting him back for future events."


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"Swamiji's Peace and Paradise you the way to your own sense of peace. Simple, beautiful and life-changing. His innate sense of peace and goodness will not fail to touch you. His simple, grounded wisdom will not fail to lift you. Truly a simple man of God who "walks the talk" - there are few spiritual leaders like him left in this world - who do not take refuge in arcane texts and rituals but who can connect deeply with the modern day human being in an idiom he understands and can empathize with. Truly, he is a guru for modern times..."    — Sanjay Ray Chaudhuri: Filmmaker. Guargon, India


"Swamiji gave me a reading to reduce my stress from test anxiety. It cleared 1 minute! He continued the session and helped me resolve my re-test anxiety in the next minute (literally). Then he asked me if my heart felt closed and I told him it was a big issue. He did a 'heart healing' and in another minute my heart was full and strong and I was glowing.

He said he saw some people over my right shoulder and I told him they were my departed family. Without telling Swamiji, I had come to the fair to learn about my departed family and Swamiji picked up on it. I got such confirmation from this session — a total relief and this became the best day of my life because I now have my family with me again."   Mary S, Hartford, CT USA

"Thank you teacher Swami for bringing out the light in my heart yesterday".  D.M. Oneonta, NY, USA — June 1 2012

"My relationship with my daughter is at a different level, I think the light bulb moment was that I had self esteem issue which never occurred to me and with the tapping we did and the mp3 that is resolving to a large degree." RN Australia — Feb 2013


"...a life changing experience. He has guided me onto my path and helped me stay on it. If you are lucky enough to meet him in person you will know right away you are in the presence of a very special person."   — Peace, Mike McGee: Yoga Teacher, Florida, USA


"My family's lives are totally transformed - more settled, everyone more comfortable in our lives as we each grow in our respective life purposes." — Rekha Pandey, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Brixton, England

"He has a bounty of divine gifts that he gracefully shares and each contact with him offers a new gift to cherish. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually healthier after meeting him and I thank God for introducing this very, very special person into my life."  — Megha Joshi: Sculptor, India 


"Changes since our last session:  I have 4 new clients and have provided 14 sessions and sold multiple products...this is beyond what I had anticipated. While I have not met my financial goals over the past 1.5 years, this month to date I met half my goal. I am still receiving  calls for clients for the month of March. I very much look forward to (our next meeting)"  — GT,  Colt's Neck, New Jersey, USA


"Update before our next session. There have been major changes - I now enjoy my work and for me it does not seem like work...the anger issue is about gone."  — RN Australia


"I called Swamiji to help me find my lost keys. In his mind, Swamiji saw a chair in my living room and described the straw seat with papers on it even though he has never seen my home and never knew about the chair. He said the keys were either on the chair or next to it. I found the keys on the table next to the a bag of potato chips!  Thanks Swamiji" — Bruce W CT, USA      


"Just let you know I played the blood pressure neurofeedback mp3 you created for my husband and his blood pressure dropped from 140 down to 80"   — RP, London England


"Swamiji's ability to help you recognize the source of your pain is truly amazing. Although l  tried EFT in the past with not the best results, with his guidance it was very powerful and healing on many levels. The scalar laser was extremely affective as well and l am now pain free for the first time in 3 months." — Sandee Friedland Florida, USA


"Thank you again for the energy work on my the Bassett wound-care nurse examined my leg and found to her surprise that the wound has healed...all new skin has grown in....(they had originally thought it would take 2 to 4 weeks to heal)"   — Tim Keys Unadilla NY, USA  


"Also the biggest change is that the hemorrhoids have gone from our session, even though I have tried various herbs, diet changes without any results."  — Ray N. 

Swamiji’s Ayurveda Encyclopedia Reviews

My Amazon #1 Bestseller

Amazon #1 Bestseller

With 23,000 copies in print, this book is used by doctors, pharmacists,professors, anthropologists, herbal companies, yoga studios, healthfood stores, holistic practitioners, students, and families. We'll let others tell you why you need this book.

Medical Professionals

...the most comprehensive, clear and user friendly resource book on Ayurveda available today. Swami Tirtha has done us all a great service by compiling this through and reliable reference...provides Western medical translations and a valuable glossary.  — Joseph Loizza, MD. Director, Columbia Presbyterian Center for Meditation & Healing a (spiritual) perspective that is lacking in the current alternative literature. — Robert Pincus, MD 

...the next best book after Harrison’s Internal MedicineText.  — Patrick J. Conte MD - Head of Radiology; St Michaels Medical Center NJ

“...a ‘must have’ reference for any health professional involved in integrative medicine. (The author) as brought an ancient complex teaching into a fully usable western form, that can aid both the practi- tioner and the patient to use Ayurvedic Medicine as part of a wholistic, life-enhancing program.” — Ellen Kamhi PhD RN HNC (“The Natural Nurse”)/Author 

“This is an excellent reference book for the pharmaceutical industry for developing formulations to meet the rising demand of customers. It’s the Merck Manual of Ayurveda.”  — Bharat Shulka, President - Pharm-Tech Industries



Magazine Reviews 


“...a comprehensive, detailed primer for serious students of Ayurveda, (yet) its design and layout is also “lay-person-friendly:” Indeed it is one of the better...texts...; clarif(ies)...Ayurveda for the Western readers ...provides a deeper insight into the spiritual foundations of Ayurveda; a complete analysis of how diseases are caused and...progress...Best of all (the) approach is refreshingly honest.”   — The Bodhi Tree Review

“You could buy a half-dozen plus books on Ayurveda to start your reference library, or you could buy...(this) Encyclopedia. It’s detailed enough for the professional, but accessible to the lay person...It is useful and entertaining for any student of Ayurveda or as a home self-healing resource...(a) magnum opus.” — Hinduism Today 

“‘ll be delighted to discover this comprehensive guide...” — Herb Research News (Herb Research Foundation) 

“(one of) the better ‘good reads’...a four-part...encyclopedia...also contains useful appendixes with features such as client health history form as well as an Ayurvedic glossary.”  — Natural Pharmacy



Ayurvedic Leaders 

“The Ayurveda Encyclopedia is an important reference volume for all students of Ayurveda and Yoga, almost a complete course in Ayurveda in itself. Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha has done a monumental work in putting together so much material in such a concise and clear manner for the modern reader.” — Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)  Director: American Institute of Vedic Studies 


Swamiji’s Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times Reviews

my commentary on Gita using examples from our daily life for greater understanding of Krishna's universal wisdom

my commentary on Gita using examples from our daily life for greater understanding of Krishna's universal wisdom

"Builds friendly bridges across millennia and cultures to the Gita's council...with a giving spirit Krishna would recognize."

— Bill Drayton, Chair/CEO, Ashoka


"...has indeed become my bible - the more times I read it the more I understand and the closer it takes me to the Almighty."

    — Ray N. Ayurvedic Practitioner SA, Australia 


“There have been many translations and commentaries on Bhagavad Gita. Each one of them highlights a life that has been not only deeply touched but also inspired to touch others. (The author) is one of those touched souls. 

     ...having absorbed this celestial song (he) brings us this translation... His style is different to that of many others. He has simplified a thousands of year old text and has restated its contents in today’s non-sensical, logic driven, simple to use context. This translation of Bhagavad Gita is suited to such souls when they cry out for a meaning of life, its apparent joys and its apparent failings.”       — Surinder Jain, Vice Chairman, Hindu Council of Australia 



"It made me understand my relationship with God...the first Gita my daughter has read." 

   — Kul Anand, MD, F.R.C.P London/ Exec. Member, India Association of Long Island, NY


"Useful for learned readers, and scholarly specialists...excellent example of a contemporary attempt to make his classic work relevant for people of today who are looking for answers to the problems and meaning of life."    

— Carl Olson, Professor of Religious Studies, Allegheny College


“Finally, a much-needed and sure to be cherished resource. If you’ve never read the Bhagavad Gita, this book is a perfect starting place. If you’re a devotee of the Gita, this commentary will open new doors as you apply its teachings to our current struggles and realities...clear writing and compelling examples...shed tremendous new light on the universality and humanity of these teachings...essence of the Gita in examples which are compelling and real without compromising the power of the original. The story, so familiar to me, became completely new and completely familiar all at once. What a treasured resource this is sure to be.” 

— Claudia Horwitz, Author, Spiritual Activist 


"The first Gita I understood, and immediately applied to my life and practice...'a must read book for my clients."

— Michael I. Gurevich, MD, Psychiatrist


“Those of us who found other translations of the Bhagavad Gita more challenging will appreciate (Swamiji’s) efforts. His translation allows us to gain insight into this great text and apply the knowledge to our everyday lives immediately!” 

— Vicki Beilharz: Anusara Yoga Certified, Owner - Woodlands Yoga


Swamiji’s Stress-Free College Stuent Reviews

My 2014 book, The Stress-Free College Student

My 2014 book, The Stress-Free College Student


If you follow Swami's wisdom and use his book as a resource, you can learn to control your life...He's a man of broad knowledge and deep wisdom — a generous and inspiring teacher. You will certainly learn much from him about your life in general and your life as a college student in particular. He shows you how to put your college life in order and how to find balance and harmony in your whole life.

— Robert R. Neuman, Ph.D
Author, Are You Really Ready for College? Former Academic Dean, Marquette University

East meets West in this wonderful guide, and college students will be the big winners. College can be one big stress event for young people: living away from home, choosing majors, worrying about grades, meeting deadlines, taking tests, and dealing with an endless range of social challenges. Like the soothing sound of surf on a summer night, Swami Sadashiva Tirtha equips students with techniques, tips, and insights that will help them deal with the anxieties that can come with college life. Swamiji provides practical and inspiring solutions from yoga to Feng Shui. Not every solution will suit each student’s personality and preferences, but everyone will find lots of valuable information that will help them cope and conquer the stresses of college life.

— Alfred Poor, PhD
Author, 7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!

Stress Free College Student Guide is a “must read” for all college students.  Swamiji creates a comprehensive, detailed book for college students. The book itself is a stress-free inviting read to help students step by step to find a way to step beyond the stressful, demanding mold that most students feel trapped in.  It is a very user-friendly read for college student that can be read in one sitting and equip them with many relaxation techniques.

— Pamela DeNeuve
Author, The Handbook for Healing Heartbreak: Finding Peace Within, After Loss of Love

Talks & Talk Introduction


Key Foods That Boost Your GPA

Dorm Room Design for Successful Study

What Successful Students Know About Life Purpose and You Can Too

How to Melt Stress in 60 Seconds or Less



How to Melt Stress in 60 Seconds or Less

Secrets to Successful Communication with Staff

3 Keys to a Less Stressful Workplace

Your Greatest Cash Cow: Purposeful Career

Secrets Habits of Successful Visionaries 

3 Key Tips to Better Communication with you Workers 


Longevity Secrets for Senior Citizens

Cracking the Longevity Code: How to Feel Vitally Younger


Integrative Wellness & Research (for Medical & Holistic Professionals & Researchers)

Measuring Chinese, Ayurvedic & Energy Balance Systems


Introduction to Presentations 

Swamiji is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller in its category, the Ayurveda Encyclopedia. He has spoken to the White House alternative medicine commission. For the past 4 decades Swamiji has been a "Breakthrough Expert" helping families and business owners find inner peace, wellness, purpose, vision and joy. His latest book is called The Hip Guru's Guide: The Stress-Free College Student. Please help me welcome The Hip Guru's Guide, Swamiji.

Radio/TV Interview Questions

Key questions: Stress Management

1. Why should parents & students be concerned about college stress?

2. What are the most stressful things students face?

3. What are some of the myths of stress management?

4. How difficult is it to release stress?

5. You claim you can relieve stress in 60 seconds or less: Can you give us an example how this can be done?


Key Questions: Dorm Room Design for Success

1. Why should parents & students be concerned about college stress?

2. how can you arrange your bed for better sleep?

3. how can your desk position help your health & creativity?

4. does a messy room really make for a messy mind?

5. what do you say to skeptics?


TV Visual Demonstrations

1. Setting up dorm room for stress reduction & a good night's sleep. Show the direction to face the desk for greater creativity, the bed for sounder sleep; Must-Clean areas of the dorm.

2. Melt stress in 60 seconds with "tapping" acupuncture points of the head and finding stress levels drop instantly.


Travel & Presentation Requirements

Business Class Flights

Car Service

Non-smoking hotel room

Wireless internet in hotel room

Vegetarian foods and/or hotel room with cooking facility (i.e., stove/fridge) 

International Events: hotel booked 1 full day before the event

Wireless Microphone/PA system

Powerpoint Projector with Mac adaptor


Books by Swamiji

Ayurveda Encyclopedia

Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times

The Stress-Free College Student


Online Training Programs

Medical Intuitive Training

Vital Longevity for Senior Citizens

Ayurveda Practitioner Certification