Come Hear Swamiji’s Keynote Speech at the Consciousness & Healing in Ayurveda & Yoga Convention


Join Swamiji's Keynote Presentation:
Instant Healing & Enlightenment
in the Golden Age

at the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals
of North America (AAPNA)

May 3rd 2-3:30 pm


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Swamiji's Presentation:

Enlightenment & Instant Healing in the New Golden Age

Indigenous cultures around the earth have independently noted we have recently entered a new golden age — the Sat Yuga. Globally, cultures describe this time as an 'Age of Celebration' and interestingly, an age where spirit & science co-exist harmoniously. It is a time when ancient eternal wisdom blends with new energy healing tools to help humanity release limiting beliefs and dogmatic life patterns that prevented wellness and enlightenment.

Technology measuring consciousness/energy healing
& thought transformation
are now coming to market.
SubDosha, Chakra, & Aura balance are scanable &
based on western medicine's Heart-Rate Variability.

This integration also allows us to raise the pillars of the new enlightened world using a blending of multicultural consciousness/wellness and cutting-edge science technologies. Those who are awake at this dawn of the new age have the opportunity to review the ancient and modern consciousness/wellness tools, choosing those that evoke instant healing and create an enlightened world based on the universal laws of nature.

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The 14th International Conference on
Consciousness & Healing in Ayurveda & Yoga
May 1-3

See Details & Register Here

 This conference is open to all Health Professionals, Ayurvedic &
Yoga practitioners, massage therapists and general public


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Other Keynote Speakers

Vasant Lad
B.A.M.S., MASc


Dr. Paul Dugliss

Dr. Marc Halpern
D.C., C.A.S., P.K.S. 

Acharya Shunya
Pratichi Mathur

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The 14th International Conference on Consciousness & Healing in Ayurveda & Yoga

May 1-3 2015

Kiddie Keepwell Camp, Schirber Hall,

35 Roosevelt Drive, Edison, New Jersey 08837, USA

See Details & Register Here

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