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Research finds natural lifestyles, foods, yoga, meditation etc. are healing and preventing heart disease, age reversal, cancers, diabetes, cholesterol and countless other health conditions.

Ayurveda (life science) uncovers nature's wellness success template to follow to heal, prevent, and live a vital life, including age reversal or longevity.

Consultations with Swamiji, author of the Ayurveda Encyclopedia is a pioneer in Ayurveda in the USA – practicing since 1988. He founded one of the first schools in the USA for Ayurveda Practitioner Certification.

Ayurveda sessions are for entrepreneurs, college students & families

Step 1: Learn your dosha and which Herbs are best for your situation (45 min.)

Step 2:  Learn your personal food plan for your unique constitution (dosha)(45 min.)

Step 3: Learn your lifestyle therapies (aromas, colors, exercise) that relieve stress and bring more joy and celebration into your life; Learn the basics to discovering and living your life purpose (45 min.)

All sessions are conducted on skype, facetime, or by phone as Swamiji travels around the globe.

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For those only interested in reading more about their dosha plan, you can order Swamiji's book,
The Ayurveda Encyclopedia

Consultations are for educational purposes only; they are not meant to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any condition. For all health issues you are advised to seek the advice of your healthcare provider.

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