Success Stories

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Debi Cotton
“I want to thank you so much for the healing session you presented at the Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta. We went through the tapping exercise 2 times, and I concentrated on 2 different concerns in my life. One was an emotional concern about my daughter going away to college this fall and the other was a physical problem that happened nearly a year ago due to an accident. Both are now resolved due to that 1 healing session! I am amazed that the physical problem has gone away. I have been to all sorts of doctors for tests, referred to various specialists, and put on 2 medications for the injury to my neck. I’ve had MRI’s, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments etc. The ortho Dr put me on a nerve med and a muscle relaxer. Nothing has offered long term relief. After just 1 session with Swami, my chronic pain is gone. I am no longer taking meds, using heat or icing to relieve the pain. I was still in treatment, and the next step was to give me an injection in my spine, but I have cancelled my appointment. I am looking forward to taking some of Swami’s classes, and will refer anyone I hear of who suffers chronic pain to him. Thank you Swami, I am forever grateful, many Blessings to you.”

Patrick Conte, MD
“Swami Tirtha is truly a remarkable and amazing person…filled with kindness, patience, understanding and compassion…provide(s) spiritual guidance… quite knowledgeable in social issues, finances, and marketing…multifaceted and multi-talented person with great insight into peoples’ emotional and physical difficulties, and I have witnessed his knowledge and effectiveness in helping his clients heal themselves through his guidance. He is a holy man that really enjoys following his dharma and helping everyone along the way.”

Gauri Trainor  Owner, Akasha Ayurveda
“It gives me joy to express my experiences with Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha as a teacher, counselor, life coach, mentor and spiritual advisor. I have had several golden opportunities to have been in Swami’s presence during his group process and teachings, and have observed powerful transformations. During monthly coaching sessions, Swami has provided me with practical and individualized recommendations, insight, wisdom and knowledge in many areas of my life: business, career, professional, personal, and family life. I have referred clients to Swami; all have confirmed and shared their stellar experiences. 
In gratitude.”

Sandy Patton
Medical Text Editor
“Swami Tirtha embraces his work and studies thoughtfully, wholeheartedly, and warmly… His enthusiasm throughout the process provides teaching in such a way as to lift you as you go along. His word is as healing as his spirit–so well integrated a soul is he…Swamiji leads by the hand and heart and gently urges you to step before him–leading others on the way.”[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Patricia Virasi” gender=”female” company=”Counselor” link=”” target=””]”Swami has many talents. He is a great person to have one on one counsel and also a group leader.I have referred clients of mine to Swami and he has some brilliant insights and results. He is a wealth of information and wonderful to be around.I would recommend without any reservation for whatever life direction that you are heading in. JOY JOY JOY.”

Guru Amrit Kaur
Yoga Instructor
“Swamiji is a rare combination of talents: healer, intuitive, teacher, and scholar. I had the privilege of editing two of his books: “The Ayurveda Encyclopedia” and “The Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times.” I commend to your reading either of these publications.”

Jennifer Wallens
Psychic Medium
“Swami Tirtha is truly one of those gifted people that radiates true love and compassion wherever he goes. He is a highly gifted Intuitive, Author, Spiritual Teacher, Ayurvedic Expert, Ayurvedic Astrologer, Musician, Artist, Mentor and all around FUN guy! He helps everyone he touches, and radiates JOY JOY JOY! and LOVE LOVE LOVE! and I am honored to call him my friend.”

Marie Cummings
“Swami is a humble, sincere intelligent man. I was on a his committee to organize SHIFT, the first holistic fair in Oneonta, NY. He is organized and internet savvy. He is willing to consider opinions other than his own and accepts responsibility for decisions and himself. I consider Swami a friend, a wise man, a psychic and healer.”

Jennifer Butler
“Swami is an amazing person and always so cheerful. You can’t help but love him! He spreads joy to wherever he goes. He is very talented with great insight. He has had amazing results with his healings. I highly recommend anyone to go to one of his blessings or to his radio blessings show. JOY JOY JOY!”

Cyndi Jahn
“I enjoy Swami Tirtha’s joy and positive energy. He is very inspirational and makes you feel as though anything is possible.

Kate Seaver
Co-Creator: Up-Beet Farm
Swami’s Blessing Circles were some of the most beautiful experiences I have had on Planet Earth. I would go every week if I could. I can’t say enough how incredible his programs are.”

Marilyn Roper
Owner: Crystal Phoenix
“Swami is an amazing man. His life is based on joy, and he spreads it wherever he goes. He is a man of diverse talents and has been helpful to many, many people. He is highly recommended by all who know him.”

Matt Wright
Documentary Producer
“This man truly cares about the world and every persons individual worth. He will inspire you to follow your dreams. I spent a week with him and found pure JOY in all of his teachings. Look him up!

Megha Joshi
Sculptor — India
“His books have enriched and harmonized my life. His simple, profound and inspirational peace and paradise workshop had a deep impact on me, family and friends – changing the course of our lives. An inexplicable feeling of bliss is felt in his presence and his guidance infuses all aspects of life with a sense of joy and purpose…I thank God for introducing this very, very special person into my life.”

Sanjay Ray Chaudhuri
Filmmaker — India
“Swamiji’s Peace and Paradise workshops do exactly what they promise…It was a simple, beautiful and life-changing experience for me and my family. His innate sense of peace and goodness will not fail to touch you. His simple, grounded wisdom will not fail to lift you. Truly a simple man of God who “walks the talk” – there are few spiritual leaders like him left in this world – who do not take refuge in arcane texts and rituals but who can connect deeply with the modern day human being in an idiom he understands and can empathize with. Truly, he is a guru for Modern Times.”

Matthew P
“I am really enjoying taking the Ayurveda intro telecourse with Swamiji. It is very profound and seems to be filling up something that was missing deep inside myself. I am also enjoying Swamiji’s deep understanding, dedication, and patience in his teachings.

Jean Tesoriero
“I’m so grateful to have participated in the tele-course last night…the concepts and sharing resonated deeply. Afterwards, as I closed my eyes, I experienced that blissful state of being.”

“Earlier this year he put me on my own personal road to wellness with some great counsel, great suggestions and great enlightenment. He listens and he cares. Swamiji took pains to completely understand my situation and needs, and he was and is there with me, every step of the way. He has great wisdom and great healing “technology” to share.”

Owner, Heating company
“Swamiji did for me in a half our what my therapist couldn’t do in three years!”

Sue B.
“As a teacher for many years in art, dance, aerobics, and now yoga, I thought using the songs to state the message was incredibly ingenious! What a thoughtful and fun way to get ideas across. It was a hoot! It also kept the atmosphere light and good hearted. Thank you so much!”

F. Cassis, MD
Holistic Doctor
“I have previously studied Western and Chinese medicine research. Ayurveda is the most effective and easy to understand.”

W. Lawder
Holistic Practitioner
“The information in the Ayurveda Certification Program was presented simply, spiritually and practically…I have already begun Ayurvedic consultations and incorporated my other holistic trainings…This course and the teacher were truly an inspiration.”

T. Fyssoun
Spa Owner – Greece
“I very much enjoy helping people, so I was searching for a healing program that will help me help others. This Ayurveda certification program has given me everything I was looking for.”

C. Sheusi
Ayurvedic Practitioner
“The Ayurveda certification program is holistic and comprehensive and provides solid education and training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Ayurveda. The main text, the Encyclopedia, is an excellent resource! I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in natural health!”

M. Gonzalez
Health Food Store Manager
“I took the Ayurveda Certification program to learn aromatherapy…I got so much more out of the training.”

Mike McGee
Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher
“I first met Swamiji…it was a life changing experience although I didn’t realize it at the time. Since then I have gone to become a C-RYT 200 hour yoga instructor. Swamiji is an invaluable source of education and inspiration. He is a Guru/mentor /spiritual guide. He has guided me onto my path and helped me stay on it. If you are lucky enough to meet him in person you will know right away you are in the presence of a very special person.”