Super Brain Yoga for Brain Smarts

.   .  .   .. . Super Brain Yoga Improves Brain Smarts Instantly Quick – Safe – Effective Brain Training Reports suggest people can become smarter virtually instantly as well as change behaviors of ADD and other brain/emotional challenges. Try it for stress relief, better sleep, concentration and memory. Teachers have found their students with ADHD, Autism, […]

A Secret Tip for Preventing Stress

Mostly I share how to release your stress instantly. In reality there are ways to position your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions to prevent stress in the first place. Here is one simple proactive secret to preventing stress details:

HS Students Need Emotional College Prep

A new study shows that many HS students are not emotionally ready for college. The research is from a joint report released last week by the JED Foundation, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, and the Jordan Porco Foundation. The survey found 50% of students reported feeling stressed most or all of the time and 36% did not […]

College Stress Solutions for Adult Students

            . . What do you get when you cross college stress and the stress of raising a family? You get an adult (parent) who is also a college student. As if being a college student wasn’t stressful enough. Fortunately U of Minnesota has a solution for “Student Parents” to […]

Stress? Fagedaboudit

Research findings at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management has found that a great way to stop feeling stressed is to “take your mind off what’s bugging you.” It is a great finding, validating what I have been teaching in my  online Medical Intuitive Training Program. There are two points that need to be highlighted: […]