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Instant Synopsis

I am a breakthrough expert in personal & professional transformations — author, keynote/presenter, educator, monk (swami), shaman, energy healer.

I have spoken to the White House Commission on Complementary Medicine Policy, wrote an Amazon #1 bestseller, The Ayurveda Encyclopedia; and have spoken at international medical colleges including Johns Hopkins University.


My Instant Life

I'm all about instant breakthroughs.

All the important events in my life happened in an instant — both the euphoric and tragic events.

  • When I was 18 in 1972 I lost my parents in a car accident — in an instant.

  • In 1974 I tried meditation — in an instant I found some inner peace for the first time after my parent's accident.

  • Years later in 1988 I had the flu and took Ayurvedic herbs — instantly I felt 'balanced' — the flu was gone.

  • I was in an Amazon rainforest ritual with a shaman and instantly I realized my ability to heal people's hearts instantly.

Wanting to share instant healing with others, I tested this event with individuals and groups, live and online, I discovered people were healing from their emotional and physical issues instantly—withing 1 session or even within 1 minute. Some of them reported me their doctor told them 7 days after the heart healing (heart 'blessing') their leukemia was gone, or their hepatitis was gone — with no explanation.

So when I speak of instant healing, it is a very real part of my life, and tested over the past 25 years.

Of course you don't have to believe me. If you have never experienced anything instant except for instant oatmeal, why would you believe? Actually, it is more fun when it works for people who don't believe it will work because they are not hoping which can lead to placebo. And because nothing works for everyone and every condition, and because instant blessings is a relatively new concept to most people I offer a 100% guarantee — if you are not satisfied, pay what you feel it was worth — if you got nothing from a session, you don't have to pay anything. It's that simple. Helping is my calling. If I can't help I didn't earn my fee.

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How Can Energy Healing Work Instantly?

Western medicine was based on Newtonian science that said the body is a robot made of molecules. Only more recently Quantum physics redefined this concept and said the body is energy. When we deal with parts, healing takes a long time — if ever. Energy, however, is no physical and so easier to shift.


Is Energy Healing Really a Placebo Effect?

Firstly, research has found that 40% of healing occurring from western medicine was a placebo effect and not the actual drug. Next, if people can heal due to placebo, that too is ok in my book. If people get better that is the goal.

However there is now research on various energy healing modalities — from Hands-on-Healing to Emotional Freedom Technique, that is showing their results are valid.

Three Secret Benefits From Training with Swamiji


  • Instant breakthrough transformations in the way you think and operate your business

  • Find yourself turning your visions into more purposeful careers.

  • Discover yourself enjoying your work more as it becomes more profitable.


Why Choose Swamiji? — 4 Decades of Unique Service

  • I love helping people achieve consciousness & wellness breakthroughs in their lives and careers

  • I’ve spoken to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy

  • I've written an amazon.com #1 bestseller (in Ayurveda category) The Ayurveda Encyclopedia

  • One of the only Americans who has been a Vedic monk for the past 4 decades

  • I blend ancient wisdom with modern energy healing and measure results with cutting edge heart-rate variability technology

  • And at this time my focus is corporate wellness programs to create healthy workers & healthy profits


Degrees & Certifications

1976 certified teacher of meditation & yoga
BA - Interdisciplinary Studies (Maharishi International University)

1980 MA - Communications Research (University of Connecticut)
1989 certified Ayurveda practitioner & certified Vedic astrology
2000 D.Sc. - Ayurveda Research (Westbrook University)*
2005 certified Vastu Shastra (Indian Feng Shui) practitioner
2012 certified Hypnotist

1989 Founded Ayurveda Herbal Product line
Published Yoga Vani, and Guru Bani - Spiritual books from India (in English)
1990 Founded School of Ayurveda (certification)
1998 Author, Ayurveda Encyclopedia
2000 Published Researcher: Pilot Study Cost-Comparison Ayurveda & Allopathy for Seasonal Allergies
2007 Author, Bhagavad Gita for Modern Times
2012-2013 Co-Chair Promoter SHIFT Holistic Living Fair
2014 Founded The Hip Guru's Guide®
Author, The Stress-Free College Student

1976 - Present: Keynote Speaker/Facilitator, Workshops, Training, Coaching, Mentoring (international). Speaker: White House Commission on Complementary & Alternative Medicine Policy, Johns Hopkins U, Penn State, St. George's Medical University, Ayurveda Medical College, Assn of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA)

Board of Directors: Light on Ayurveda Journal (Dartmouth College publisher)
Member: Toastmasters International; CL ACB
Member: Healing Touch Professional Association
Member: Otsego County Chamber of Commerce





Personal: I love nature, horseback riding, writing books, music, and wellness/consciousness comedy sketches; and world travel.

Swamiji dissolved 10 years of my self-work in about 30 minutes. My personal, business, and family life are on track again. — Owner, Home-Building Company

Swamiji helped me put my business and personal priorities in order and changed my life in one consultation. He did for me in one hour what my therapist couldn't do in two years. — Owner, Heating Oil Company