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Do you want to avoid the college epidemic — 80+% anxiety/depression rates & 50% dropout rates among students?


What would your career success look like if you could instantly dissolve your business, creative & communication blocks; clarify your visions and take clear action steps?


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stress-free college student


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Experts are Raving!

"If you follow Swami’s wisdom and use his book as a resource, you can learn to control your life…He’s a man of broad knowledge and deep wisdom — a generous and inspiring teacher. You will certainly learn much from him about your life in general and your life as a college student in particular. He shows you how to put your college life in order and how to find balance and harmony in your whole life.”

Dr. Bob. Neuman, Ph.D.
Former Academic Dean, Marquette University

“East meets West in this wonderful guide, and college students will be the big winners. College can be one big stress event for young people: living away from home, choosing majors, worrying about grades, meeting deadlines, taking tests, and dealing with an endless range of social challenges. Like the soothing sound of surf on a summer night, Swami Sadashiva Tirtha equips students with techniques, tips, and insights that will help them deal with the anxieties that can come with college life. Swamiji provides practical and inspiring solutions from yoga to Feng Shui. Not every solution will suit each student’s personality and preferences, but everyone will find lots of valuable information that will help them cope and conquer the stresses of college life.”

Alfred Poor, PhD
Author, 7 Success Secrets That Every College Student Needs to Know!

“Stress Free College Student Guide is a “must read” for all college students.  Swamiji creates a comprehensive, detailed book for college students. The book itself is a stress-free inviting read to help students step by step to find a way to step beyond the stressful, demanding mold that most students feel trapped in.  It is a very user-friendly read for college students that can be read in one sitting and equip them with many relaxation techniques.”

Pamela DeNeuve
Author, The Handbook for Healing Heartbreak: Finding Peace Within, After Loss of Love

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